NEWS. End of the trail…

I’m so sorry to announce the cancellation of Cretan Trail -September 22/29- due the lack of realizable and reliable logistic support. I apologize with everyone believed in my project.

Peloponnese Epic Trail CANCELED

Due the HIGH risk of several wild dogs attacks, I sadly have to DELETE the event on september. The video shows exactly what happened to me on April during my trail scouting.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but SAFETY is a Must in this kind of adventure. Soon I will move to Crete for organizing a new scouting.

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Main Ingredients: water, fructoise. Juice concentrate of aronia, blackberry, elderberry, grape, lemon, plum. Purée of acerola, blueberry, mulberry, raspberry, red blueberry, sea buckthorn. Extract of acai, natural aloe, green tea, grape seeds, red tea. Natural flavouring.

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