Me & my staff


Architect and designer of the brand JoyCycling. Enthusiast adventure cyclist and free lance photographer. I have been travelling through Greece over 30 years by sailboat, by feet and of course by bicycle. Greece is a safe country and a perfect landscape for all season sports and for free life style, surronded by the magic atmophere of the classic culture, unique in the world.




Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 1.59.07 AM

Studied at IEFS Institute of Physical Education and Sport of Bucharest (Romania). Alpin ski instructor and member of the rescue team of Helmos sky center over 15 years. Co-manager of Spitiko, typical greek taverna in the center of Kalavrita. She is an open minded sport athlete in different disciplines: trail running, skating, cycling and pilates trainer in the spare time. She used to race in a biathlon team in her recent past.




Kostas had an important role as team manager at Kalavrita ski center with Mihaela in the past years. He’s expert of the mountain region and top level offroad driver. Owner and manager of the 5 stars chalet hotel Alpine Aria he recently built in a genuine tyrolese style with a small wellness center and a free climging wall. A must for kind of people demanding high standard accomodation.


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